Seems some Australians are stealing my domain name

So it seems some Australians are attempting to steal my domain by sticking an “.au” at the end. They started it sometime in 2007. From what I read about it, the site started out as an experiment for a well known Australian technology publisher APC. They started as a story on what it took to start an online merchant. It’s an interesting story. I wrote them when I first saw it to see if they would be interested in adding to their story a segment on domain and brand theft. I don’t have an international trade mark on GeekGear, but I do have GeekGeer trademarked in the US and have been using the GeekGeer and GeekGear in trade globally since 1996 selling caps, t-shirts, and GG pocket protectors.

Their logo and brand is no where near as good as the geekgeer logo. Maybe they want to buy it. Or at the very least they could sell my geekgeer pocket protectors on their site.

Should I sue them for trademark, copyright, infringement or should I just be flattered that they also though my name was cool enough to copy? They had to know existed. A simple google search and it pops right up.

Or maybe I should approach them to be the US affiliate?

I have had some nice offers to buy the domain – but have turned down them down – I have owned geekgeer/geekgear almost since the begining of the world wide web. The brand is as old as my 14 old daughter. GeekGeer is part of the family.