Real or Computer Bug?

Lets see if they fixed the upside down photo issue I had posting from my iPad


A real live bug as opposed to a computer bug – one of the prettiest I’ve seen. Don’t have a clue what it is. It is about 1 inch in length – any ideas what it is?

Internet Everywhere [non-edited draft]

So here I am again in the middle of the Navesink River trying out this new software for posting to blogs. It’s still new to me. This is my second attempt to post to my site using it. I have yet to figure out how to get the photo to be upright, except to flip the picture before inserting it. Maybe there is a software update that will fix this. 

Maybe I’ll just post all my photos upside down. Having upside down photos would not be a big problem if you are viewing this on a cell phone or tablet that you can easily turn around, but a challenge to those people viewing it on a desktop computer. I would guess in a few years the will be fewer and fewer people sitting in front of a desktop computer.

I spend more and more time using my tablet computer rather than my desktop, although I really like the two big wide screen monitors on my desktop. I can be much more productive with the large screens. And then there is my iPhone that is attached to my hand. I go from two big screens to a micro screen in comparison. But with my small iPhone and iPad I really can work from anywhere, even the middle of the Navesink river. Maybe the internet anywhere access is turning the world upside down.

So what do you think of my upside down view?

New Post from iPad Posts app

Trying out this new app on my IPad to post to my blogs. It would be great if it works. It will allow me to write and post from anywhere I can get a wireless connection. If you are reading this it worked. Let’s see if I can add a photo here: 

I’m not sure why the photo is coming in upside down. And there does not seem to be a way to turn it around.
If you look at the photo upside down, that is a view I have while writing this post on my iPad? What do you think?

The Original GeekGeer Site from 1995

Thanks to wonderful technology, that is a bit scary that everything on the web from the beginning is saved somewhere online. This is courtesy of If you go to the live archived site, you can actually click around the old GeekGeeer site.

I still have a few geekgeer glasses around if anyone is interested – but they are now the collectors edition and very expensive.

These GeekGeer glasses had a special screen anit-glare coating that was leading edge eye wear technology at the time that is now long outdated because you don’t need anti-glare for the latest flat screen monitor technology. I don’t think anyone could really imagine how different the world would be in 15 years due to the Geeks taking over the world with the internet and “World Wide Web”!

WSJ Says Everyone Wants to Be a Geek

The Wall Street Journal says “Now that Everyone Wants to be a Geek, Lawyers Have Been Called”, a June 20th, 2011 article talks about how Best Buy is suing companies using the word “Geek” that they say conflicts with their trademark GeekSquad. GeekGeer has been trademarked since 1997. It’s kind of ridiculous and seems more like a publicity stunt. It would be like saying no one can use the word “window” because of Microsoft’s trademark on “Windows-tm”. Maybe they will sue GeekGeer and I can get some good publicity?