Internet Everywhere [non-edited draft]

So here I am again in the middle of the Navesink River trying out this new software for posting to blogs. It’s still new to me. This is my second attempt to post to my site using it. I have yet to figure out how to get the photo to be upright, except to flip the picture before inserting it. Maybe there is a software update that will fix this. 

Maybe I’ll just post all my photos upside down. Having upside down photos would not be a big problem if you are viewing this on a cell phone or tablet that you can easily turn around, but a challenge to those people viewing it on a desktop computer. I would guess in a few years the will be fewer and fewer people sitting in front of a desktop computer.

I spend more and more time using my tablet computer rather than my desktop, although I really like the two big wide screen monitors on my desktop. I can be much more productive with the large screens. And then there is my iPhone that is attached to my hand. I go from two big screens to a micro screen in comparison. But with my small iPhone and iPad I really can work from anywhere, even the middle of the Navesink river. Maybe the internet anywhere access is turning the world upside down.

So what do you think of my upside down view?